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My debut album « LE NOUVEAU SALON » has arrived!  One week left until the release concert and the official release!

There are a few seats left for the Release concert presentation on March 29th 2023, in Amsterdam Uilenburgersjoel, 20.00! Make sure to get your ticket here!  Get special offers on the CDs during this special event!

A home experience of a new Proustian Parisian Salon! I can’t wait to share it with you!

Pre-order your CD from now on through the contact form of my website, and it will be sent to you from April 1st! 20 euros incl VAT (exclusive shipping costs). A web shop will soon be available on this website!


Check out the new video teasers available on the « Audio Videos » section of this website!

New interview in French, by Marie-Christine Kok Escalle! Check it out!

« Le Nouveau Salon » is a new perspective on the flute repertoire inspired by the French writer Marcel Proust and his novel « A la Recherche du Temps Perdu » and the Parisians Salons from La Belle Epoque.

Find all the details below: Concept, repertoire, musicians, collaborators.

Release in shop worldwide and online, on all digital platforms: beginning of April 2023 on ETCETERA RECORDS!

Official Release concert: 29th March 2023 in Amsterdam Uilenburgersjoel!

Projected supported by « Sena Muziekproductiefonds » and the Prins Bernhard Cultuur fonds.

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And a very successful crowdfunding campaign on « Voordekunst », thank you so much to all the 196 donators!



Sarah Ouakrat, Flute

Floor Le Coultre, violin

Maarten Den Hengst, piano

Ivana Alkovic, piano

Michael Bennett, tenor

Recording Producer: Guido Tichelman

Recording location: Westvest 90, Schiedam (21-25 Nov. 2022)

Photos by the amazing Visual Artist- Kaupo Kikkas! And a whole series is coming up… stay tuned!

video work: Maarten Elzinga

Special collaboration with the « cercle des artistes européens », 3 special concerts/exhibition projects in 2023! (September, Carré des Coignar Nogent sur Marne /October, Lagny sur Marne/November, auditorio Manuel De Falla in Granada in Spain) www.cercledesartisteseuropeens.com/partenariats-dans-l-art-et-la-culture/

« Le Nouveau Salon » concept project was exhibit at the « EXPO METRO MIAMI BEACH », in Florida, during the Art Basel Miami Beach, from 1st til 3rd of December 2022! www.expometro.co/fr/exhibition/2022-miami-beach


Here is the detailed concept repertoire, and ideas behind the project.

Le nouveau salon, concept CD recording

Le nouveau salon, concept CD recording – version Française