I am very pleased to welcome you on my website!
The latest updates are now online, stay tuned! (from 13/05/2020)


I hope this message finds you healthy and as close as possible to your love ones during these very uncommun times…

I can’t wait to performe again with a live audience!!!

-I am very happy to finally show you the result of a rather original photoshoot with my friend and colleague dancer Sandra Quintyn, by the talented photographer Altin Kaftira, in beautiful Amsterdam! Check it out in the gallery!

-After a successful 1st Tampere Flute Fest, from home,  live online (due to the circumstances of Covid-19), I am very pleased to announce that I have been reinvited to the second edition of the festival which will take place in Finland,  April 23-25, 2021 in Tampere Talo, Tampere’s convention center. I am thrilled to have been also appointed competition coordinator for orchestral audition masterclasses…

-New exciting interview (by Marion Schopman) coming out in the next issue of « FLUIT« , the dutch Flute magazine (July 2020)…

-« A rebel collective with a ribbon! We (« Pynarelli ») are very honored to have been awarded a Podium Witterman Ribbon! A thousand thanks to the editorial staff of Podium Witterman and to everyone who cares for us! Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube Channel! WE WILL BE BACK!!!!,  love from all Pynarelli »

-nice season 2020/2021 coming up with Collegium Novum Zürich in the Tonhalle Maag and some other exciting venues! including a tour to Russia, St-Petersburg in May 2021!

-The season 2020/2021 with the Dutch National Ballet is not officialy released yet due to the uncertainties of the rules regarding the coronavirus … keep an eye on for the latest updates…

-Unfortunately, our summer tour 2020 to Paris with the ballet Cinderella for « les étés de la danse » in the « théâtre du Chatelet » will not take place due to the coronavirus, but it seems it is only postponed and not entirely canceled! Stay positive!

Online lessons available from now on, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form!

-I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Heidi Kay Begay for her Flute 360 podcast; chek the epsidoe E102 with the link bellow!          A distinguished flute scholar, Dr.Heidi Kay Begay is the host of the Flute 360 Podcast which delivers free, educational episodes for flutists around the world. She is currently on the Archives and Oral History Committee through the National Flute Association (NFA)  and has been an adjudicator for the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA). Dr. Begay’s research publications are featured in Flute View and Flute Talk magazines.

Episode 102